Gulf Harbour – Stage Two

Stage Two of the Gulf Harbour residence was designed by Revival Design, and implemented by Topmark Property Services, based in Whangaparaoa. The ‘big idea’ for this area was to mirror that which is seen in the distance, while also encorporating a nautical theme to suit our yacht-loving clients. Given that this area would be largely viewed from an expansive balcony, there was a need to create some kind of focal point in the foreground, without taking away from the breathtaking views of the Gulf. An axis was established using different materials, to represent the compass bearings which point north-east-south-west, while the large rocks depict islands in a sea of green grass. A flagpole in the centre of the axis creates an element of grandeur, visible to boats passing by this clifftop oasis.

Nb: temporary solar lighting on Image 4


When deciding to build our dream home nothing would be left to chance because the site on the cliffs at Gulf Harbour demanded a very special architectural design to exploit the breathtaking views.

The landscaping design was critical to ensuring a harmonious connection between the living spaces and the out doors while complimenting the unique style of the house. Added to this challenge was our desire to create areas of tropical calm that were robust enough to weather the elements that only cliff top sites endure.

We met with Kelly and ran through our ideas and answered her many questions as she developed a brief for the project. It was decided to break the whole project into two manageable stages.

Stage one was the entrance and court yard areas which were well defined by the building design and would need to be installed during construction.

Kelly presented us with her initial concept plan which captured our imagination and after some minor iteration we signed off on the design.

Stage two was the large area between the neighbouring golf course fairway and the cliff edge. Kelly met with us on site and discussed some ideas and our requirements for this critical landscape design. Once again we were excited by the theme of her concept plan which incorporated novel use of some hard landscaping features to segment the area and compliment the architectural style of the house.

The result is stunning and we are very pleased to recommend Revival Landscape Design.

Brett and Judy

Gulf Harbour