Stage Two of the Gulf Harbour residence was designed by Revival Design, and implemented by Topmark Property Services, based in Whangaparaoa. The ‘big idea’ for this area was to mirror that which is seen in the distance, while also encorporating a nautical theme to suit our yacht-loving clients. Given that this area would be largely viewed from an expansive balcony, there was a need to create some kind of focal point in the foreground, without taking away from the breathtaking views of the Gulf. An axis was established using different materials, to represent the compass bearings which point north-east-south-west, while the large rocks depict islands in a sea of green grass. A flagpole in the centre of the axis creates an element of grandeur, visible to boats passing by this clifftop oasis.

Nb: temporary solar lighting on Image 4

Kelly’s first design project out of uni, this project took 12 months from start to finish. Kelly worked with the client to design areas according to the client’s intended use, and incorporated the client’s ideas as the project unfolded. This job was project managed by Revival Landscape Design – this meant collaborating with the architect and building management to see the landscaping through to the end.

A recently completed landscape project, this property went through a complete landscape overhaul as seen in the photos. A digger was brought in to scrape this overgrown section back to a blank canvas! From here Kelly was able to give the property a new look, with new retaining, fences and decks. A planting plan was drawn up with consideration given to the way the planting would tie in with the native reserve over the fence.

A resort-style, architecturally designed house on the cliff tops at Gulf Harbour promised a challenging design project ahead! Kelly was brought in on this build to produce a planting plan for the first stage of landscape development in 2010. An obvious challenge was the clients desire for a sub-tropical looking garden, but that which could handle the extreme weather conditions of cliff-top living. Kelly oversaw the sourcing of plants from a nursery in West Auckland, and worked alongside local company Topmark Property Services in implementing the design.